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OPPOSITION RISING “2010 - 2015 Discography” OUT NOW on Cassette and Digital Download!
Twenty songs from the first three records Re-mixed by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios and Re-mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering in 2017!

Cassette Available NOW from NO TIME RECORDS!

Or download it here:

Opposition Rising would like to THANK everyone involved in making our 2017 West Coast tour so successful and everyone that came to the shows for all your continued support! Extra Special THANKS goes out to our brothers in RUM REBELLION (Dave, Tyler, Hyatt, John, Monx, Ty & Alex) who did over two weeks of the tour with us and lent us their gear! Best bunch of people we could have ever hoped to tour with! And to our new close friends CLITERATI (Ami, Melissa, Natalie, Coleman) who did most of the rest of the tour with us and also lent us their gear also! Nick In Eureka for organizing the show and lending us gear, Chain Links & Drown in Piss and everyone at Sirens Song. RJ and Tyson in Sacramento, Dead Weight & Class System for lending us gear and everyone at The Colony, Nacho & Corrupted Youth, Concrete Jungle and everyone ay Punk Invasion Fest. Nat at Radiation Records. Fedge for all the help promoting, Ilya, Doug, Noah, Bruja and everyone at Codeword in SF. Lacey and everyone at Shea’s in Reno, Scott and everyone at Dive Bar in Vegas. Big Mike, Russ, Poor Kids Radio, Tommy & No Cops For Miles, Rascal & Who Gives A Fuck, Chantz & Short Temper and everyone at 5 Star Bar in LA! Freddie, Sid, Artowar, Christ Killer and everyone at Tower Bar. Mike & Slow Children, Narcoleptic Youth and everyone at bar 1650. Jeff & Life Once Flourished Here, Omega Tribe, and everyone at No More Walls Fest, Gonzo and everyone at Characters. Brian Seizure Salad, Unstable Youth, TV Tragedy, Boston Eric and everyone at the Nile. Negative Approach and everyone at Green Room in Flagstaff. Roman, Dave & Econarchy, Cobra vs Mongoose, Desmadre and everyone at Moonlight in Albuquerque. Josh Chain Reaction, Aaron, Sentry Dogs, all the volunteers and people that showed up at 7Th Circle in Denver. Nichol & Juli in Laramie, Konrad and everyone at Beehive in SLC. James, Clark & Dogs In The Fight and everyone at Olympic in Boise. Joe and Bend Pyrate Punx and everyone at The Capitol. Sarah, Jason & Not A Part Of It, Insomniac Collective and everyone at Old Nick’s in Eugene. Pete and everyone at Fifty Pub in Salem. Angel, Andy, Generation Decline, Red White and Die, and everyone at Charleston in Bremerton. Brandy, Nikki, Viveka, Speedwitch and everyone at Le Voyeur in Olympia. Jeff, Convictions and everyone involved at Black Lodge in Seattle. Byron at Singles Going Steady, Tony V, Jay Crash and Ground Score, Lonny & Dreadful Children, Ami Lawless and everyone involved at Cobra Lounge in PDX, JXRXKX in PDX for all the great artwork. And last but not least our dear friend Steph in PDX for all the help and hospitality!

Opposition Rising would like to THANK everyone involved in making our November 2017 South west Tour happen. Starting with Tino Pine Hill Records, The Cryptics, Mike, Steve, Anna and Zack. Gonzo, Naked Aggression, Cobraside Distro, Everyone at Resident in LA, Short Temper, Heavy Breather, Everyone at Yucca Tap Room, Sam Atkara, Doomed To Exist and everyone at Evengelo’s in Santa Fe, Dead Girl Presents and everyone at The Rockohouse in El Paso, Sudden Attack, Semi Automatics, RTP and Broken Board in San Antonio, Luicidal and everyone at Boozers in Corpus Christi, Geoff, James Nopehaus Productions and everyone at Houston Underground (sorry about the mic), Casual Relapse, Noogy, and everyone at Three Links in Dallas! Again Thank you everyone for all the support past and present!

December 2017